China factory High Quality and Torque Double Disc Type for Motors Shaft Flexible Coupling motor shaft coupling

Product Description

Item No. φD L W L1 L2 M Tighten the strength(N.m)
SG7-8-C19-WPY 19.5 27 1.2 9.4 5.8 M2.5 1
SG7-8-C26-WPY 26 35 2.5 11.5 7 M3 1.5
SG7-8-C34-WPY 34 45 3.3 14.5 9.4 M4 1.5
SG7-8-C39-WPY 39 49 4.1 15 10.8 M4 2.5
SG7-8-C44-WPY 44 50 4.5 15 11 M4 2.5
SG7-8-C50-WPY 50 57 4.5 18 12 M5 7
SG7-8-C56-WPY 56 63 5 20 13 M5 7
SG7-8-C68-WPY 68 74 6 24 14 M6 12
SG7-8-C82-WPY 82 98 8 30 22 M8 16
SG7-8-C94-WPY 94 98 8 30 22 M8 28
SG7-8-C104-WPY 104 102 10 30 22 M8 28

Item No. Rated torque Maximum Torque Max Speed Inertia Moment N.m rad RRO Tilting Tolerance End-play Weight:(g)
SG7-8-C19-WPY 1N.m 2N.m 10000prm 0.9×10-6kg.m² 170N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 16
SG7-8-C26-WPY 1.4N.m 2.8N.m 10000prm 3.3×10-6kg.m² 950N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 40.5
SG7-8-C34-WPY 2.8N.m 5.6N.m 10000prm 8.9×10-6kg.m² 1960N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 92
SG7-8-C39-WPY 5.8N.m 11.6N.m 10000prm 2.4×10-5kg.m² 4500N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 128
SG7-8-C44-WPY 8.7N.m 17.4N.m 10000prm 3.2×10-5kg.m² 5100N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 159
SG7-8-C50-WPY 15N.m 30N.m 10000prm 7.8×10-5kg.m² 8700N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 260
SG7-8-C56-WPY 25N.m 50N.m 10000prm 1.1×10-4kg.m² 10500N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 346
SG7-8-C68-WPY 55N.m 110N.m 10000prm 2.8×10-4kg.m² 18500N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 580
SG7-8-C82-WPY 80N.m 160N.m 10000prm 1×10-3kg.m² 21800N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 1156
SG7-8-C94-WPY 185N.m 370N.m 10000prm 1.76×10-3kg.m² 84500N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 1493
SG7-8-C104-WPY 255N.m 510N.m 10000prm 1.86×10-3kg.m² 125500N.m/rad 0.04mm 1.5c ±0.4mm 1600

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motor shaft coupling

How to Select the Right Motor Shaft Coupling for a Specific Application?

Choosing the right motor shaft coupling is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the mechanical system. Here are the key steps to select the appropriate coupling for a specific application:

  1. Identify Application Requirements: Understand the specific requirements of the application, including torque and speed requirements, shaft sizes, and the type and amount of misalignment that may occur during operation.
  2. Consider Misalignment: Evaluate the expected misalignment in the system, including angular, parallel, and axial misalignment. Different coupling types have varying degrees of misalignment tolerance.
  3. Assess Torque Capacity: Determine the maximum torque that the coupling will experience during operation. Choose a coupling that can handle the required torque without being overloaded.
  4. Check Operating Speed: Consider the operating speed of the system. High-speed applications may require couplings with good balance and precision.
  5. Environmental Conditions: Take into account the environmental conditions in which the coupling will operate, such as temperature, humidity, and the presence of corrosive substances.
  6. Space Limitations: Evaluate the available space for the coupling. Some couplings may have compact designs suitable for applications with space constraints.
  7. Cost and Maintenance: Consider the initial cost of the coupling and the maintenance requirements over the system’s lifetime.
  8. Coupling Type: Based on the above factors, select the appropriate coupling type that best matches the application’s needs. Different coupling types offer different benefits, such as flexibility, high torque capacity, or precision.
  9. Consult Manufacturer Guidelines: Refer to the coupling manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications to ensure the selected coupling is suitable for the application’s requirements.

By carefully considering these factors and selecting a coupling that aligns with the application’s needs, you can ensure efficient power transmission and reliable performance of the system while minimizing the risk of premature failure or downtime.

China factory High Quality and Torque Double Disc Type for Motors Shaft Flexible Coupling  motor shaft couplingChina factory High Quality and Torque Double Disc Type for Motors Shaft Flexible Coupling  motor shaft coupling
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motor shaft coupling

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